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This web site is a family history about the Croxson Family. The family is not large but there are several branches within the UK and others around the world. If you would like to add to this site please email us, or if you have a site with Croxson content and would like us to link to you please email us. This site is in a state of continual building and the first stage will be from William Peter Croxson, born on 30 Nov 1876 in Rushmere Suffolk, through to the latest generations as at the year 2000. As time permits other lines will be added. The information has been put together by Marie Freeman (ne Croxson).

The site is divided into a family tree with notes and additional information and a pictorial tree. As the pictorial tree has a lot of graphics you may have to be patient as it downloads.

This site will be re built late 2008 - early 2009

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