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About the images

Whereas I used to say that the photographs are not cropped or post produced I can no longer claim that! I prefer to get the lighting as near as possible and sometimes I take the image knowing it will be cropped. Most of the time the post production is treated as an advanced photographic technique!

In the World Within World photographs these are two images combined in post production. The interesting part (for me) is that often they are images that would not make it on their own!

The ultimate idea is to take the perfect photograph and not modify it – I am still trying.

The pictures are taken using Nikon DSLR cameras, Nikon lenses and a Canon G9 for travelling light, and processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Software as necessary. All prints are from a professional print company and now include canvas prints of up to A0.

Most of the flower photos are shot in the studio using flash and other light sources, coloured gells, backgrounds as well as spray gun and dropper.

About Roger C Croxson

Roger has always had an interest in photography from his first Box Camera when he was about six through to todays advanced digital machines. Although the children became his main focus during their early years his current post as owner of an international internet development company brought photography back into the creative life!

Roger has over the years held a wide variety of jobs and run an interesting mix of companies. These experiences all come into play when working with the camera. photos for sale and for commercial operations The One Image