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New Work!

After a long break, partly caused by being away in the USA, voluntary work and teeth problems I am now back. I am change the way I work and sell my art, so there should be more available to see!
I am still working through the thousands of images from travelling, sadly my faithful old D200 kind of died and so I have had to find a new camera, not the latest by a long way but Wex Photographic came up with a nice, low actuations D300 which has a self-cleaning sensor – much better!

Anyway here are a few new World Within Word images, enjoy!











10 Nov 2015

Open Studios

Open Studios at Art at The Works starts on 29th August and finishes on Sunday 6th September – open 11 – 5 or by appointment. I am exhibiting, as last year, with Clare Law. Lots of interesting work from both of us as well as cards and unmounted work in the browser._D267391-web500



11 Aug 2015

The exhibition is now over

A successful four weeks! Next will be at Tavistock Town Hall with Drawn to the Valley Summer Exhibition at the beginning of August.

Here is one to keep you going – 


2 Jun 2015

Only five days left 

Only five days left to visit my spring exhibition at Tavistock Wharf it has received rave reviews – well people have told me they really like it!!

Candle in the Daffodil

24 May 2015

Two weeks left

There are just two weeks left to visit my exhibition at the Wharf Tavistock! Here is one that didn’t get hung!


15 May 2015


just a reminder of how quickly the weather changes! This was taken in our garden just a few days ago before this spell of cold weather!


28 Apr 2015


i have a solo exhibition at Tavistock Wharf 4th – 29th May. Mostly new spring inspired work. 


27 Apr 2015

End of the week, again!

I have been working remotely with the mobile Photoshop and Lightroom – still a way to go, last night the cloud stopped working!

Now I have to repeat this in the full version!!

6 Mar 2015

New technology

for some reason all my recently posted images have been enormous, I have just discovered a little setting on the WordPress App that sets image size! So now I know!

1 Mar 2015

A little spring flower

trying to work on an iPad using the strange versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, almost like the real thing but not quite!! Also, not sure what happens when they go to print – will the image quality be good enough – time wil tell. This one is destined for my solo exhibition at The Wharf Tavistock in May 2015.

28 Feb 2015